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We are a queer collective based in the UK that aims to provide accessible online content on LGBTQ+ and queer topics. We do this by putting on virtual events, podcasts, blog posts and projects.

We want to disrupt what it means to be queer, and you can get involved by engaging with our content, contributing to our community and attending our events.

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Our most recent event was Mystical Transformations: Gender in Mythology and the Occult. You can find a link to the recorded event here.

upcoming events

Our next event will be Complicated Fascism: Cross-dressing, the Wehrmacht and the Camera. This will take place on Sunday 12th December, 5:30-7pm GMT. You can find free tickets for this event here.

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We are a group run entirely by volunteers and we rely on funding applications and from generous donations from our audience. You can support us by using the donation button below or by becoming a patron, this helps us to continue to create content for you for free!

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