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 On this page you can find details of all our future events! The majority of our events are online, and those that aren't will be done in a hybrid way.

The aim of these events is to offer you a chance to learn more about queer lives, research, and understanding. We collaborate with a number of groups and individuals to help us put these events on and together we hope to bring you the most up-to-date and topical content.

If you ever miss our events, we try to record a large of these and you can catch up via our Youtube.

We hope to see you soon!

Safe Distance: Queer and Chinese in the time of Covid

Sunday 28th November, 1-3pm GMT

Speakers: Jamie Chi, Qiu Bai, Scarlett Ng and Hsien Chew.

This event starts with an online screening of the documentary ‘Safe Distance’ by Jamie Chi, which explores the overlapping marginalisation that Chinese queer people face against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic and rising anti-Asian sentiments in the UK. Following the screening, we will have a panel discussion and a Q&A session with the audience, to discuss questions around the documentary, the Chinese queer community and how we can imagine and build solidarity with the mainstream queer communities and organisations as we enter the ‘post-Covid’ era.

The panellists include Jamie Chi, director of ‘Safe Distance’, Qiu Bai, founder of Queer China UK, Scarlett Ng, researcher of Chinese queer migration and PhD candidate in Sociology at the University of Oxford, and Hsien Chew, coordinator for Proud Voices Asia and Pinkdot London.

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Poster for the event 'Safe Distance: Queer and Chinese in the Time of Covid'. The background consists of pink swirls and white dots.

Complicated Fascism: Cross-dressing, the Wehrmacht and the Camera

Sunday 12th December, 5:30-7pm GMT

Speaker: Paola Medina-Gonzalez

This event will feature a talk by Paola Medina-Gonzalez, followed by a Q&A session with the audience.

This talk aims to explore the complications that arise when researching cross-dressing within the Nazi military as it muddles soldierly gender dynamics as it defies cultural memory.  There will be an exploration of military cross-dressing through amateur photography taken by Wehrmacht soldiers during basic training, the front lines, and prisoner of war camps. The images showcase non-heteronormative play through stage productions, celebrations, and ambiguous activities. They illustrate instances of jovial camaraderie and merriment alongside potential cruising, powerplay, and hazing. These photographs show the soldiers drive to commemorate these events within military life, all the while conducting the War of Extermination. Ultimately, this talk attempts to illustrate the difficulty of identifying and defying queerness within a system that propelled to cleanse itself from it.

Poster for the event 'Complicated Facism: Cross-dressing, the wehrmacht and the camera'. The background consists of pink swirls and white dots.