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Here you can find information on our latest events along with links to related videos and reading lists.

Defiance: Queerness in a State of Illegality

Tuesday 19th January 2021, 5:30-7pm (GMT) (Zoom event) / Friday 22nd January 2021, 6-7.30pm (GMT) (Facebook Live)

The Facebook event can be found here. The ticket link was here.

In collaboration with House of Rainbow.


In a country where being Queer is faced with a high amount of discrimination and criminalisation, Queer people in Nigeria are finding ways to mobilise and resist the State. Defiance is a movie directed by Harry Itie and released on YouTube on the 1st November 2020. It documents the experiences of various Queer people in Nigeria. It is a 43-minute movie that touches on the socioeconomic, spiritual, physical and mental implications of being Queer in a place like Nigeria.

This event featured a live panel/online presentation on queer spaces in Nigeria with the director, Harry Itie, as well as Timinepre Cole, Kayode Somtochukwu Ani, and Chizoba Okosa. This panel was then followed by a live Q&A session.

The event was recorded and is available to view on our Facebook and Youtube.


Professor Susan Stryker 

'Compton's Cafeteria': in conversation with Susan Stryker

25th January 2021, 5-6.30pm (GMT) (Ticketed Zoom Event)


Fifteen years has passed since Susan Stryker’s renowned film “Screaming Queens: The Riots at Compton’s Cafeteria”. It documented the experiences of transgender people living within San Francisco’s Tenderloin district during the 1960s, and a powerful moment of transgender resistance to police harassment at Compton’s Cafeteria. However, much has changed since then, and this site is now part of a private for-profit incarceration facility operated by GEO Group. To discuss the implications of this and how the struggle for transgender rights has evolved since 2005 we were joined by Susan Stryker. Joining her in conversation was E-J Scott, Founder of the Museum of Transology, Nim Ralph, trans activist and writer, and Morgan M Page, co-convenor with Nim of trans abolitionist futures and creator and host of the podcast 'one from the vaults'.


The documentary “Screaming Queens: The Riot at Compton's Cafeteria” was advertised before the event through this link. This way people coming were able to watch the documentary whenever they were free prior to the talk.

This was a ticketed event taking place through zoom, ticket link here.

This event was recorded and is available to view on our Facebook and YouTube.

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Professor Sue Sanders
LGBT+ History Month with Prof. Sue Sanders
Tuesday 9th February 2021 - 2-3.30pm (GMT)
We had a one hour interactive talk with the founder of LGBT+ History Month UK and chair of ‘Schools Out’, Prof Sue Sanders.
Sue discussed the people chosen to represent 2021’s LGBT history month theme: ‘Mind, Body, Spirit’ in an interactive quiz/presentation.
The tickets were sold here.
Unfortunately, given the interactive nature of this talk, it was not recorded.
LGBT+ History Month with Founder Prof. Sue Sanders

Dawn Wooley & AC Davidson

Bois Of Isolation Workshop

Tuesday 16th February - 6-8pm (GMT) 

What happens to queer community during pandemic lockdown? How does the closure of queer spaces and relative isolation - away from the public gaze - affect our gender expression and identity?
In this informal, creative workshop, we used selfies to explore some of these questions. Selfies are a problematic, but increasingly important, social phenomenon. The dominant circulation of selfies serves largely to sell things, to prop-up surveillance capitalism and the profits of large corporations, perpetuate damaging gender stereotypes and heteropatriarchal, fat-phobic, ableist, white supremacist ideals of what bodies should look like. In this context we asked: Can sharing our self-representations also f*ck with these norms - and the gender binary - and create a much-needed community in a pandemic?
We invited participants to discuss and devise selfies that queer the gender binary: questioning and subverting dominant binaries and visual signifiers of power through a series of guided selfie-taking activities. Participants could document their ideas and (with permission) we shared them at @boisofisolation.
Tickets could be found here.
This was an over 18 event. The workshop took place over zoom was not recorded.

SHOUT Festival: queer/disrupt takeover

Saturday 20th February 2021 - All day!

We co-hosted three events with SHOUT Festival.

1-2.30pm Groove At Home: Disco and Voguing Workshop 

We had a fabulous disco and voguing dance workshop with queer/disrupt and the Shout festival! Danny Tokay Reid taught us about  the history of these dance forms and then it was followed with an easy-to-follow taught session.

Our workshop, taking place on zoom, was led by Danny Tokay Reid – a choreographer/producer/lecturer who has facilitated wonderful dance projects for communities around the world.

What to wear: Anything comfortable that you can move freely in. For those fashionistas among us, you can pull together an opulent disco/voguing outfit or throw on some accessories to feel extra disco-glam! Here are some inspirational videos to help you out:

See the Facebook event for updates. The ticket link was here.

This event was not recorded.


SHOUT Festival: queer/disrupt takeover

Saturday 20th February 2021 - All day!

We co-hosted three events with SHOUT Festival.

5-6.30pm (GMT) A Brief Queer History of Zines

In amongst books, magazines and newspapers, zines are the queer bunch of printed materials. Not only do they come in non-prescriptive shapes and sizes, but their content is deeply embedded in continuation of countercultural methods of thinking and expression. In this hands-on workshop, queer historian and award-winning zinemaker Dr Jonah Coman explored the queer history of zines, beginning as far as the invention of the press (or, controversially, even before that), and then turned it into an exercise in participating in the queer art of the zine.

This event took place on zoom and was not recorded.

See the Facebook and Eventbrite here.


SHOUT Festival: queer/disrupt takeover

Saturday 20th February 2021 - All day!

We co-hosted three events with SHOUT Festival.

8-9.30pm (GMT) Queer is in the Heart: A History of Disco and Queerness with Ibi Profane WITH Music Video Premiere of Josh Leach/Tom Aspaul Collaboration

We had a talk on the amazing history between queer culture and disco, presented by local-nuisance-turned-superstar Drag Queen Ibi Profane.

"Join Ibi as they provide a potted history of disco and queerness, and how and why the two have become so entwined over the years. What is it that makes disco so important to queer communities? How did disco play a role in the creation of queer communities?"

Ibi was joined by award winning animator Josh Leach, who showcased his animated music video to West Midland singer Tom Aspaul’s song W.M. from his critically acclaimed album Black Country Disco. You can see more of Josh’s award-winning work and read more about his work on his website

See the Facebook and Eventbrite.


SHOUT Festival: queer/disrupt takeover

Saturday 20th February 2021 - All day!

We co-hosted three events with SHOUT Festival.

9.30-11pm (GMT) queer/disco with DJ Harry Gay

As the final part of our takeover, we welcomed Harry Gay to DJ for a zoom party and dance. It happened directly after our disco event with Ibi Profane, see further details here.

"Harry is a community organiser, DJ and campaigner. He found his party beginnings with Queerbash at the legendary Camden haunt Her Upstairs (RIP) and up until lockdown held multiple weekly residences at queer venues across London. He’s 1/3 of anti-fascist DJ collective Glamtifa, running dance parties and a radio show to penetrate London’s queer rave scene with some much-needed rowdiness to raise money for international LGBTIQ+ and anti-fascist causes. Alongside the party, he works for the Outside Project and has been campaigning with the organisation since 2017. Most recently, Harry is the founder of Queer House Party and can be found spinning pop, disco, house and techno at all of their events."

This event was not recorded.