Previous Events: 2021

On this page you will find details of our previous events from 2021.

Defiance: Queerness in a State of Illegality

19th January 2021

On 19th January we had Harry Itie, Timinepre Cole, Kayode Somtochukwi Ani, and Chizoba Okosa all come and talk to us about the ways in which queer people are mobilising and resisting the state in Nigeria. The topics covered were intensely important but please keep in mind that there were many sensitive topics covered so please keep that in mind when viewing. This event was done in collaboration with the fantastic House of Rainbow We also recommend you take a look at Harry Itie's film Defiance which is freely available on Youtube as this formed the basis for the conversations that took place in this event.

'Compton's Cafeteria': in conversation with Susan Stryker

25th January 2021

On the 25th January 2021 we were lucky enough to be joined by Susan Stryker, E-J Scott, Nim Ralph and Morgan M Page! They came to discuss Susan Stryker's renowned film "Screaming Queens: The Riots at Compton's Cafeteria" as well as the current occupation of the site of Compton's Cafeteria by a private for-profit incarceration facility. 

LGBT+ History Month with Prof. Sue Sanders
9th February 2021
On February 9th we had a one hour interactive talk with the founder of LGBT+ History Month UK and chair of ‘Schools Out’, Prof Sue Sanders.
Sue discussed the people chosen to represent 2021’s LGBT history month theme: ‘Mind, Body, Spirit’ in an interactive quiz/presentation.
Unfortunately, given the interactive nature of this talk, it was not recorded.
LGBT+ History Month with Founder Prof. Sue Sanders

Bois Of Isolation Workshop with Dawn Wooley & AC Davidson

16th February

On February 16th we had an informal, creative workshop in which we used selfies to explore our sense of identity and its manifestation within our surroundings.
Participants discussed and devised selfies that queer the gender binary: questioning and subverting dominant binaries and visual signifiers of power through a series of guided selfie-taking activities.
Participants could document their ideas and these were shared (with permission) through boisofisolation.

SHOUT Festivalqueer/disrupt takeover

Groove At Home: Disco and Voguing Workshop 

20th February 2021

We co-hosted three events with SHOUT Festival.

Our first takeover event was a fabulous disco and voguing dance workshop! Danny Tokay Reid taught us about the history of these dance forms and then it was followed with an easy-to-follow taught session.


SHOUT Festivalqueer/disrupt takeover

A Brief Queer History of Zines

20th February 2021

We co-hosted three events with SHOUT Festival.

In our second event of the day in our SHOUT takeover we held a hands-on workshop run by queer historian and award-winning zinemaker Dr Jonah Coman explored the queer history of zines, beginning as far as the invention of the press (or, controversially, even before that), and then turned it into an exercise in participating in the queer art of the zine.

SHOUT Festivalqueer/disrupt takeover

Queer is in the Heart: A History of Disco and Queerness with Ibi Profane WITH Music Video Premiere of Josh Leach/Tom Aspaul Collaboration

20th February 2021

We co-hosted three events with SHOUT Festival.

Next in our SHOUT takeover we had a talk on the amazing history between queer culture and disco, presented by local-nuisance-turned-superstar Drag Queen Ibi Profane.

Ibi was joined by award winning animator Josh Leach, who showcased his animated music video to West Midland singer Tom Aspaul’s song W.M. from his critically acclaimed album Black Country Disco. 

SHOUT Festivalqueer/disrupt takeover

queer/disco with DJ Harry Gay

20th February 2021

We co-hosted three events with SHOUT Festival.

As the final part of our SHOUT takeover, we welcomed Harry Gay to DJ for a zoom party and dance.

"Harry is a community organiser, DJ and campaigner... Most recently, Harry is the founder of Queer House Party and can be found spinning pop, disco, house and techno at all of their events."


Nowt As Queer As Folk with Lucy Mooring

26th February 2021

On February 26th we watched a pre-recorded talk by Lucy Mooring followed by a live Q&A on the relationship between queerness and rural spaces. Queerness is often posed as antithetical to rural spaces, indeed when authors discuss rural settings in a queer context it is often to further a narrative that it is a place of homophobia and isolation.

Aesthetic Resilience and Queer Arts with Professor Zethu Matebeni

12th March 2021

On March 19th we welcomed Prof. zethu Matebeni who discussed aesthetic resliance and queer arts as a necessary form of activism in university spaces with Adebayo Quadry-Adekanbi.

There was a video shown in the session but the recorded quality was not good and so you can find this seperately here.