meet the team

Hannah Ayres
Convener & Co-founder

Hannah Ayres is a third year PhD student in the department of Sociology at the University of Warwick. She is researching queer re/presentation in museums and how queer individuals create, critique, and internalise these re/presentations. She has previously taught on modules to do with gender, research methods and queer theory. Hannah has also helped to produce guidance for the University of Warwick on inclusive teaching for trans and gender-diverse students. She is broadly interested in queer history; public history; queer theory; memory studies; visual sociology; gender and social theory. She is the current convener alongside Nick Cherryman, and helps to manage and oversee the group’s activities.  

Nick Cherryman
Convener & Co-founder

Nick Cherryman is a first year ESRC funded PhD student in the department of Sociology at the University of Warwick. They sometimes perform as drag queen Ibi Profane, including at Coventry Pride 2020. Their work focuses on the disruptive nature of drag and the way it disrupts, destructs, and constructs gender. They are interested in modern media portrayals of gender and queerness, and has a deep abiding love of both the work of Judith Butler and their Jack Russell, The Miadog (definitive article, like The Mona Lisa and q/d's unofficial mascot). In queer/disrupt they generally cause a minor nuisance, but helps oversee the group’s activities and convenes alongside Hannah Ayres. 


Sayantan Datta
Committee Member

Sayantan is a queer-trans neuroscientist in training, and a science writer, communicator and journalist. They are currently working on understanding how neuronal connections develop. Outside their lab, they (vocally) fight for inclusivity of queer-trans people and people from marginalized castes in STEM. They are also working on using feminist frameworks to critique practices, philosophies and methodologies in STEM.

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Melissa Martin

Committee Member

Melissa Martin is a first-year PhD student in the School of Social Sciences at Cardiff University. Her ESRC Wales DTP-funded research explores the social implications of new diagnostic criteria for hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders; a group of rarely diagnosed chronic health conditions. She hopes to apply queer and crip methods and analyses in this research, disrupting not only normative assumptions surrounding illness, disability and medicine but also boundaries surrounding ‘academic’ research and research inclusivity. Broadly speaking, Melissa is interested in all things crip and hopes to bring crip identity to the forefront of queer imaginaries in the queer/disrupt community. 


Sam Parr

Committee Member

Sam works as a campaigns adviser at Warwick Students’ Union, and is passionate about building activist networks and improving access to activism. He’s also a WIHEA fellow, chairing the university’s Trans & Queer Pedagogies learning circle. He teaches active bystander intervention within the Community Values Education Programme as part of efforts to tackle gendered violence, racism and LGBTphobia. More broadly, Sam is interested in social attitudes to trans issues and LGBT+ experiences of higher education.

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Adebayo Quadry-Adekanbi
Committee Member

Adebayo is a PhD candidate at Warwick Sociology with a focus on the intersectional politics of Queer activism and feminism in Nigeria, along with principles of postcolonial and Black Queer theory. He is also a member of the board of directors at House of Rainbow, a radically inclusive faith-based organisation that supports Queer Black and Ethnic Minority folks globally.

He has myriad personal and professional experiences and interests that inform his political position to ‘exist to resist’. He is particularly interested in decentring Western paradigms from Africa and challenging normative structures that prove to be violent for Black Queer people.

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James Whitfield
Committee Member

James Whitfield is an MA student in the department of Sociology at the University of Warwick. His MA is being funded by the ESRC and so will his eventual PhD research which will commence in the academic year 2021/2022. James’ research focuses upon prisoner deaths, specifically in how the media frames the lives and issues of inmates. James’ work covers all prisoner representations with a strong focus on cases of transgender and BAME inmates. He is broadly interested in queer criminology, discrimination in the justice system, representations of imprisonment and social theory. As a committee member on queer/disrupt he assists with the running of the group and helps organise events.


Jas Brogden
Blog Volunteer

Jas is a current MA student at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. She is interested in topics such as diet culture, fat activism and working with oral testimonies. She is also interested in how space affects the embodied experience of being fat and how the intersection of fat and queer create a nuanced experience of the body and identity formation. As part of queer/disrupt, Jas manages the blogs and seeks to promote queer voices and make queer thoughts accessible to all.

Lotte Couldrick
Events Marketing Volunteer

Lotte is an MA student of Queer History at Goldsmiths University. She is researching the space between lesbian and trans histories in an attempt to better understand the history of gender nonconformity. She is also interested in ancient sexualities and the history of dildos. She is the queer/disrupt Events Marketing Volunteer.


Simona Pecserke
Technical Volunteer

Simi is a first year undergraduate student in the department of Statistics at the University of Warwick. She is interested in gender data gap in medical research and clinical trials, and is planning to focus her research on the implications of these on healthcare provision. As part of queer/disrupt she helps with video subtitling and podcast editing.

Dylan Stebbing-Boulet
Flexi Marketing Volunteer

Dylan is a recent graduate from Goldsmith University’s MA programme Critical and Creative Analysis. They are interested in exploring and imagining possibilities for queer futures and worlds via music. Dylan’s particular focus is on how music can help to envisage different worlds and create different futures as well as new ways of inhabiting the current world in relation to non-binary gender identities. More broadly, Dylan’s research interests are in the generative possibilities that queer worldmaking can inspire focusing on music and media portrayals of queerness with an aim to celebrate and create archives of queer joy. As part of queer/disrupt, Dylan manages the marketing side to help spread the word on everything queer/disrupt.

Phoenix Wilks
Social Media Volunteer

Phoenix is a second year undergraduate student in the department of Sociology at the University of Warwick. They are particularly interested in sex and relationships education in schools. They are also interested in inclusivity and diversity within teaching topics, particularly as this can help foster a greater understanding of the sexual and gender diverse. As part of queer/disrupt they manage the social media and help put out content for the group.

Andrea - Website
Andrea Zuliani
Admin Volunteer

Andrea is a second year History and Politics undergraduate student in the department of History at the University of Warwick. He is interested in queer history, more specifically at the relation between gender and sexuality. He is passionate about the importance of queerness in determining different social relations in both the past and nowadays society. As a part of queer/disrupt he mainly concentrates on providing admin support as well as helping with subtitling some of our work.

Georgios Chiotis Headshot

Georgios Chiotis
Marketing Consultant

Georgios has a keen interest in the effect and impact that marketing, technological innovation and cultural shifts have on the self, wellbeing and queer identity.

His MA in Counselling Psychology provides a useful springboard for thinking about marketing. His MA work focused on developing a grounded theory about pornography's relationship with the gay male identity. He worked within queer support services and his previous psychological research received an award at the 10th European Congress of Psychology in Prague.

In the past 10 years he has been using marketing and content as a trojan horse for inclusion, diversity, and social change. He introduced pioneering campaigns in global companies and won the Marketing Majors by the Drum for Outspoken, a project that brought the stories of LGBTQIA+ people to life through AR. His work was hailed as ‘a driver of powerful change’.