On this page you will find some of our frequently asked questions (FAQs). If you have a question that you don't see answered here, or you would like some further clarifications, please use the contact form to get in touch.

queer/disrupt is run entirely by volunteers. These individuals come from a variety of backgrounds and each member has their own role:

Hannah Ayres and Nick Cherryman founded the group and are the current convenors. They take responsibility for the day to day running of the group and help plot of the future for queer/disrupt. They also help support and offer guidance for the rest of the team.

The committee members take the bulk of the responsibility for the creation of content (putting on events, producing podcast seasons and writing blog posts). Whilst the convenors help support these members, the committee has creative freedom to put out content that they think would be of interest for our audience.

There are other roles that take responsibility for specific areas of the group (social media, blog, admin etc.). These individuals can also produce content for the group but this is not the main focus of their role.

You can find out more about the individual members by going our meet the team page.

Whilst many of the members are academics, queer/disrupt is not affiliated with any university and instead collaborate with many institutions (academic and non-academic) to put out the best and most accessible content for our audience.

queer/disrupt was born from a reading group based in the history department at the University of Warwick, UK. During the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic (around June 2020), we decided to branch out and move our content online. Since this time, we became a group with global reach and are currently working hard to cater to this audience. Our team is made up of individuals from around the world and we have no institutional affiliation.

Moving forward we intend to keep the majority of our content online. For any in-person events, we hope to incorporate online participation, and for this content to be recorded and placed online at a later date. We try to keep time-zones in mind when creating our content but given the international reach of the group, it is not always possible for our live events to be accessible to everyone who wishes to attend.

If you cannot attend an event, we make sure that the majority of our content goes up onto Youtube so subscribe to keep up to date.

We put out calls for new committee members on our social media (Facebook,Twitter & Instagram), normally in Summer. If you wish to enquire outside of this, please use the contact page to get in touch.

You can support queer/disrupt by following us on our social media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) and engaging with our events, blog posts and podcast! Reviewing us where you can also really helps, and we also request feedback after every event to ensure we are putting out content that our audience wants.

queer/disrupt does not have any institutional affiliation and as such gains funding through bids and crowd funding. We have a Paypal where you can donate as well.

All of our events are free and tickets can be found on our Eventbrite page.

Since our events are free, we would be grateful if you were able to donate any amount to help support the group. You can do this through Eventbrite alongside your ticket order.

queer/disrupt has officially been running since 2020 but we existed beforehand as the Queer History Reading Group/Queer History Warwick at the University of Warwick. We have complete lists available here (organised by year). Where available, these pages also have links to the recordings of our events so you can catch up on anything you might have missed!

You can find the details of all of our upcoming events here.

We would love for you to get in touch if you have an idea for an event that we can help support you with! We recommend that you get in touch with us via the contact form in the first instance, depending on how detailed your current idea is we will either get a member of the team to arrange a virtual meeting so that you can go through your idea, or we will send you an event proposal form to fill in and send back. We will be available to help support you through the whole process so please do not hesitate to get in touch with questions.

queer/disrupt has no institutional affiliation and so relies upon funding bids and crowdsourcing to be able to the fund the group. All of our members are volunteers and we work really hard to ensure that all of our content is as free and accessible as it can be.

Previous funding has come from the LGBTQ+ COVID-19 Fund from Metro. We have also collaborated with other groups that have supported us financially by covering expenses (such as SHOUT Festival and the Queer and Coloured project).

We have a Paypal where our audience can donate as well. All of our donations go straight back into the running of the group.

We've been asked what sort of things queer/disrupt needs to fund. Below are some of the costs the group incurs to provide free content for everyone:

  • Zoom subscription for our events - £600 (per year)
  • Podcast hosting - £80 (per year)
  • Graphic design - £99 (per year)
  • Website hosting - £533 (per 3 years)


The above are just some of the expenses the group incurs, as well as extras such as reimbursements for speakers, unforeseen expenses, editing software for our podcasts, equipment, etc.

We are very open to collaborating with other groups and have done so in the past - you can find a list of our previous collaborations here

We have previously collaborated on events, podcasts, projects etc. and so we recommend that you use our contact form to let us know what you would like to collaborate on and we can take it from there!

There are many different referencing styles and so we cannot dictate what might be best for your style, however we can give a few pointers that might help you identify where to get the correct information. Please reference both the speakers directly, and queer/disrupt as a group.

  • For our live events, if you want to reference the live event itself, we recommend following guidance that follows the outline of a speech, presentation, conference or talk. If the event has been recorded and placed on our Youtube then we recommend referencing as a Youtube video and you should be able to find details of the recording date and name of the speaker/s in the description. If you are struggling to find this information, then we take a look at our event archive as the original date of the presentation, plus additional details, will most likely be there (these are organised by year from January to December).
  • For our podcasts, the host/presenter name(s) should be clearly labelled in the description of the podcast and so should the date/time etc. The name of the podcast is queer/disrupt.
  • For our blogs, the name of the individual will be clearly labelled, as well as the name of the piece and the date of publication. The blog name is queer on paper. We recommend referencing as an online blog.


If you ever have a referencing query, then please do not hesitate to get in touch using our contact form.