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Examining the Role of Family and Queerness in Torrey Peters’ Detransition, Baby

by Chelsea Gallagher (she/her/hers) The word “transition” can be traced back to the Latin word “transitionem”. Originally used as a noun to describe “going across or over”, but what is the power it holds today? With the evolution of self-discovery tied with gender, we find… Read More »Examining the Role of Family and Queerness in Torrey Peters’ Detransition, Baby

A Pledge to the Future

This is a research piece entitled ‘A Pledge to the Future: Hope, Desire and Futurity in The Watermelon Woman’s Queer Archive’ and is written by

Queer(ying) Historical Fiction

The focus of this article is a Twitter thread that went viral in the latter half of 2018. Originally written by playwright Guillem Clua (@guillemclua) from Barcelona, Spain, it gained further popularity when translated into English by user @strangelyurie. Written by Hannah Ayres.

The Origins of Printed Gossip and Rumour in 18th Century Newspapers

Natalie Hanley-Smith, a PhD candidate in the History department at the University of Warwick, offers an introduction into a very interesting – and entertaining – aspect of her doctoral research. Were gossip ‘paragraphs’ simply entertainment for the upper-classes, or were they a very public way of exposing indecorous behaviour and deviation from social mores? Did they in fact facilitate discussion of the ‘rules’ of sexual and marital conduct and can we perhaps see in them a forerunner to the celebrity gossip so present in the media today?