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Two people holding hands at a Pride parade

notes on protest & breath

By queerdisrupt / 2 June 2021

By Claire Tunnacliffe (she/they) Over a year has passed, as we have collectively held ourselves in. Locked down and away from friends, family – blood or chosen, the places, streets, bars, clubs, community spaces, and routines many of us structure our lives around – often times our identities – in order to keep us and… Read More »notes on protest & breath

Nineteenth Century Prisons and Gender Diversity.

By James Whitfield / 19 May 2021

By James Whitfield (he/him/his) The following post came about while I was sifting through the British Newspaper Archives. My purpose was not to provide a particularly systemic account of history but look for small stories or narratives that could highlight gender diversity within the prison system. I wanted to focus upon the nineteenth century, primarily… Read More »Nineteenth Century Prisons and Gender Diversity.

Solidarity and Isolation in 1980s Britain to now – The Bradford Lesbian Line

By Jas Brogden / 2 April 2021

Throughout LGBTQ+ history there has been a long-standing reliance on physical social spaces within the queer community (Anderson, Austin and Knee, 2020). Whether this is in queer support groups, Pride marches or socialising in queer clubs and bars, accessing these spaces allows us to feel part of a community and safely congregate. However, this is… Read More »Solidarity and Isolation in 1980s Britain to now – The Bradford Lesbian Line