Valentines Poetry, 2021: Untitled.

By Phoenix (they/them)

Am I a one and done kinda bitch?
or am I a one and two and breathless whispers
over an ocean.

Two and three
and me and you and them
and who needs to define what we are?

we are breathless
and eternal and never ending.
the line was drawn in the sand
and we kicked it up into the air.
it rained down around us in droplets
or a whirlwind of a snowstorm.

Every part of us is indefinable
new and unknown to us or to you and
definitely not to them

whoever they think they are
or whatever they see us as
we are not what you think we are.

your perceptions are not our definitions

you say we are man, woman, other
I say we are all and nothing.
we are infinity and we are the abyss.

you say we are perverted and abnormal
I say we are trailblazing
we are the wind under the wings of the sky

we will wave at you down below,
trapped down by your brain
and your binary understanding


Well I guess I’ve never been so good at maths.

Author’s note:

I think that a lot of people have gone through a lot of self discovery in the last year and I know tonnes of people who have been exploring their genders and their identities and I suppose I have been one of them. I’m non binary and slowly coming to terms with my polyamory and so this poem to me feels like me reminding myself of my strength. This is my power of resistance purely by existence. And falling into a DEEP infatuation…. With two people.

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