Event Preview: Reading Images – Queer Re/presentation and Identity

Happy New Year everyone! After what was hopefully a restive festive period, we’re back with a packed calendar in Term 2 (see our Events page), beginning next week with ‘Reading Images – Queer Re/presentation and Identity’.

Next week, in collaboration with the Student Union and the Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning (IATL), Queer History Warwick presents ‘Reading Images: Queer Re/presentation and Identity’. This event will be run by Hannah Ayres, a second year PhD candidate who specialises in queer re/presentation in museums.

The first half of this event will take the form of a talk, discussing queer space within museums and how queer individuals relate to and help create this space. J. Halberstam (2005: 6) theorises queer space as ‘…the place-making practices within postmodernism in which queer people engage and it also describes the new understandings of queer enabled by the production of queer counter-publics.’ Using this definition as a starting point, Hannah posits that queer space within museums then embodies one or more of the following: counteractive; precarious; accidental; disruptive and intentional.

After this discussion, there will be an interactive workshop in which you will be asked to look at photographs of ‘queer’ objects/spaces/texts from museums and reflect on whether you personally connect to these, how re/presentative you think they are and any other points of interest. These images will be used as a jumping off point to reflect on queer re/presentation in museum and how history can gain relevance for people’s everyday lives. You are invited to bring along any photos or objects that you believe relate to your own queer history as we will be discussing whose stories get privileged in museum spaces.

Refreshments will be provided and we hope to see you there!


J. Halberstam (2005) In a Queer Time and Place: Transgender Bodies, Subcultural Lives. London: New York University Press.

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